We feel attached to the country we live in. We are therefore critical of its current state and try to contribute with our bit to its improvement

we say no to corruption

We believe that the society may only be pushed forward via hard work and fair behaviour. That is why we adhere to rules that protect fairness in business. We avoid any contacts with ambiguous and non-transparent business practices. Our objective is to contribute to change in societal standards so that the transparent and fair behaviour is awarded and considered standard rather than exceptional.

we support start-ups

We believe that the future of our country lies in innovative entrepreneurship with high added value. That is why we support talented people by giving public presentations where we share our know-how and provide start-ups with tailored service packages in time when flexible approach is what they need the most. We also participate in initiatives trying to implement legislation favourable to starting companies. Investments into future always pay off.

we try to make a difference

We voluntarily participate in events organized by NGOs and endeavour to contribute to cultivation of public debate in Slovakia with our own proposals on problematic issues related to delivery of justice in Slovakia.